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There was a time when you'd have a nice pension at the end of your working years. Now, of course, pensions are not as common, though you certainly have more retirement plan options available to you.
Headlines that reinforced a slower growth environment were persistent this week, but just as persistent - or resilient we should say - was the stock market.
In a year like this, when everything seems to be going south, it's tempting to want to get out of the market completely.
We've enclosed our 2nd Quarter 2022 Newsletter where we share our insights on the markets, economy, investing, and financial planning. 
The stock market endured another volatile week that began with three days of selling and ended with a rebound that lifted the S&P 500 off its lowest level in nearly four weeks.
It's been a bad year for just about every investable asset class on the planet. But, it's been particularly bad for cryptocurrencies.
As the economy responds to inflationary pressures, investors continue to struggle with violent, daily price swings across the stock market.
The strong economic recovery and the war in Ukraine have boosted the demand for energy at the same time that supplies of oil and natural gas have fallen.
Please find enclosed our quarterly market review and commentary for the 2nd quarter of 2022. We hope you find it helpful.
June is elder abuse awareness month, and I recently watched a presentation from Schwab’s fraud & risk management team on the growing trend of scams against the elderly.

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