Financial Planning

A blueprint for achieving your goals

Take control of your future with prudent financial planning today.

Entering retirement without a financial plan is like building a house without blueprints: the ultimate result may not be what you envisioned. By modeling your financial life, we can alter key aspects of the plan to see the impact before you actually make any changes.

The financial planning process begins by understanding who you are and what matters most in your life. We’ll have detailed discussions to uncover the answers to these important questions. We’ll then tailor our recommendations to your unique situation. 

Whether you’re planning for retirement, college, first home, or anything in-between, we have you covered! Our financial advisors are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the most important financial decisions in your life.


Financial Planning Foundations

my goals

Personalized Goal-Based Cash Flows

Focus on what you want…not what it costs!

We start with what YOU WANT. After building the initial financial plan, we can show you whether you can afford all you want or not. If needed, we can modify your goals together to find a sustainable plan. The answer may be as simple as working a few more years, or perhaps saving just a little more. Instantaneously seeing the impact of buying a vacation home or frequently replacing your cars helps you understand the consequences of your choices. You can adjust each goal independently and see in just a few seconds how each change affects your plan.

1000 simulated

1,000 Simulated Investment Outcomes

With retirement, timing is critical.

The worst-case retirement scenario is initially drawing from your retirement investments right before the stock market drops substantially. With those investments down in value, you must sell more shares to cover your expenses. Our software modeling not only simulates stock portfolio results with 0-100% equity holdings, but also runs 1,000 simulations with your specific goals. You can see the resulting average returns, the healthiest returns and most importantly, anemic or disastrous stock market returns, and how each impacts your financial plan and the likelihood of success.

inflation taxation

Inflation, Taxation & Lifespan Adjustments

Uncertainty is guaranteed … plan for it!

Many factors affect a financial plan’s long-term strength. Inflation erodes purchasing power. Governments can increase tax rates. Changing your state of residence may change your tax situation for better or worse. Long life expectancies or a spouse’s premature death can each increase the risk to a financial plan. Using advanced planning software allows us to simulate potential scenarios to test what events may require later changes or what risks may need mitigation by insurance.

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Financial Plan = Achievement of Goals

We’ll work together to develop a financial plan to meet your goals. Whether you want to retire early, buy a vacation home, put the kids through college, or travel the world – we’ll help you get there. Let’s get started!


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Some of the common
financial planning areas we tackle:

Financial Planner Houston

Financial planning backed by technology

We leverage technology to provide you with a dynamic planning experience. Our software, Wealth360°, allows you to aggregate and view all your financial accounts in a single online platform. We create financial plans in real-time and update them as your life evolves. Once the plan is in place we’ll create your customized investment strategy and allocation to ensure your goals are accomplished.

Your financial plan will provide you with a road map for the future, and we’ll be there to keep you on track every step of the way.