We simplify our clients’ financial lives. We know that time is your most valuable commodity, which is why we focus on Total Wealth Management, a holistic approach to financial planning and investment management. Whether it is planning for retirement, managing investments, or planning for college, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll ensure your goals are met.

We’ve also designed programs that target clients’ specific needs. Pathway® is designed for accumulators who are at the beginning stages of building wealth. The Retirement Salary® program gives clients systematic and reliable means to draw income in retirement.

Our clients are delegators. They are capable of managing their finances but would rather work with a team of experts. They may be young entrepreneurs, established business people, or already enjoying retirement. They live productive lives, and time is their most valuable commodity. Working with us gives them peace of mind that their finances are in order, which allows them to focus on the aspects of life they enjoy most.

Our firm’s purpose is to simplify every client’s situation and provide objective financial advice that they can understand and follow with ease. We use the initial Discovery Meeting as an opportunity to determine if we are a good fit and whether we are able to make a meaningful impact in their lives.

Financial Synergies is a Registered Investment Advisor. We work on a fee-only basis and do not sell commission-based products. This gives us the freedom to develop your financial plan and investment strategy without outside influence.

Our management fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of a client’s account(s) per year.* We use a standardized scale to generate this percentage fee, which ranges from 0.75% to 1.50%.

There are no additional fees for our services.

*Fees are payable quarterly and deducted automatically from the portfolio.

Traditionally, our Wealth Management clients have at least $1,000,000 available to invest.

The minimum investment amount for our Pathway program is $150,000, including company retirement plans.

Our clients’ funds are custodied with either Charles Schwab or Fidelity – the largest and most respected custodians serving the Registered Investment Advisor industry. For many clients, this provides reassurance and a system of checks and balances, as their money is not physically held by the same company who advises on how to invest it.

  • We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, but we work with clients in different states and countries.
  • We have many ways of keeping in touch with our clients, including:
  • Meeting virtually through Skype or GoToMeeting.
  • A highly secure online client vault to store and exchange sensitive financial documents.
  • 24-hour access to our Wealth360° program, so clients can examine their financial plans and see their financial lives all in one snapshot.
  • Our website is maintained weekly with blog updates, briefings, and announcements.

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