A well-designed 401k plan can help secure
a comfortable future for you and your employees.

You want what’s best for your employees, and a retirement plan can be a major driver of financial success for them and your company. We share in this mission to help your employees achieve their goals, and that’s why we make a fiduciary promise to act in your best interests at all times. Engaging Financial Synergies means bringing simplicity, transparency, and low costs to your company retirement plan.

All-In-One Solution

By teaming up with the best service providers in the industry we can serve all your retirement plan needs, including plan administration, record keeping, enrollment, investment management and advice, and more. And if you already have a relationship with a third-party administrator (TPA), and would like to keep them, we can accommodate that as well.

Financial Synergies will:
  • Remove the burden of administering a retirement plan
  • Act as Fiduciary and advisor
  • Educate your employees
  • Deliver low-cost plans and investment portfolios
  • Offer and maintain extensive investment options

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We Support You

When employees enroll in a 401(k) plan, they’re overwhelmed by long, unorganized lists of fund choices and investment options. We provide participants with clear, appropriately diversified, professionally managed portfolios. Most importantly, they have access to personalized advice from a fiduciary advisor.

We provide all the support you need to educate your employees on the value of your 401(k) plan. This includes group and individual meetings, investment guidance and more. We’ll focus on areas that will increase participation and savings levels in the plan.

We Bear the Responsibility

As a plan sponsor, you are a fiduciary to your plan participants. This means that legally you are held to the standard of an investment professional and are required to ensure that you follow a prudent process when selecting and monitoring the investment options in your plan. However, ERISA allows you to claim that you are not a professional and delegate that responsibility to an independent firm. Most plan sponsors are unaware of this option and unfortunately most service providers are not willing to serve in this fiduciary capacity.

When you hire Financial Synergies, we welcome the responsibility of serving as a fiduciary, and designing investment options that are in your participants’ best interests.

Independent and Unbiased

As an independent, Registered Investment Advisor we provide comprehensive, unbiased investment advice. Our fees are fully-disclosed, based on a percentage of the assets in your plan, and are never paid by the funds we recommend to your participating employees. This means the funds we select for you are the ones that we genuinely believe will help your participants reach their goals.