Individual 401(k) Management

We take the hassle out of 401(k) investing

Your 401(k) can be a critical component of your overall financial plan.
Let us directly manage it for you.

We have the technology to directly manage your company 401(k). Gone are the days when we had to settle for just providing you with a recommended allocation and then placing the burden on you to implement the changes. We can now select the funds, rebalance, monitor, and report on your 401(k) just like any other brokerage account we manage.


Advantages of Individual 401(k) Management


Secure 401(k) Technology

Our technology platform simply enables us to manage your 401(k) regardless of where it is held. There is a one-time setup process where the account is connected securely so we have the proper access to make any necessary trades or rebalance the account.

We will not have the ability to change your address, request any distributions from your accounts, or open any new accounts on your behalf through the platform. We also never have access to or will be able to see your login information.

Please contact us to learn more about our Individual 401(k) Management services.