Tax planning is a critical component of any financial plan or investment strategy.

Taxes can take a big bite out of your income and investment gains, so proper planning is critical. We’ll incorporate your specific tax circumstances into your custom financial plan and investment portfolio.


Tax Foundations

Tax Return Analysis

Tax Analysis

Good tax planning starts with an analysis of your tax return.

A thorough analysis of your tax return can yield great financial planning opportunities. We’ll roll up our sleeves to uncover as many areas for improvement as possible. This will also help us to get a better handle on your overall financial picture and produce a more comprehensive financial plan.

Tax Shelters and Deferral

Tax Shelters & Deferral

The right tools produce the best results – lower lifetime taxes!

Retirement plans (e.g. IRA, Roth, 401(k)) can shift income between tax years, protect assets from creditors, and shelter income over years or even decades. Employment circumstances, income levels and other factors may limit the available options that make sense. Unique benefits of Roth conversions increase their planning appeal. Combining other planning techniques can smooth the tax curve even more.

Tax Projections

Tax Projections

We can’t see the future… but we can try!

Today’s tax deferral decisions could be a great idea (if taxes will be higher later) or a terrible mistake (if taxes will be lower). Tax projections are not an exact science, but it’s still a worthwhile endeavor to try and mitigate the negative impact taxes can have as much as possible. Using our financial planning software to make educated tax projections, a clearer picture emerges providing a framework for today’s decisions.


Tax Planning and Strategies


Collaboration With Your CPA

We will gladly work closely with your CPA to ensure your financial plan and investment portfolio are optimally aligned with your complete tax situation. If you do not have a CPA, and would like to engage one, we have several strategic partnerships with CPA firms in the Houston area. We can certainly coordinate that engagement and will continue working with them on your behalf in the future.