If You Want to Protect Your Wealth, Proper Insurance Planning is a Must

At its core, insurance shifts your risk to others. You purchase insurance to protect yourself from an unlikely financial loss you cannot afford to sustain. Insurance spreads pooled risk among all those insured. As a necessary risk management tool, insurance by its nature costs more than it pays in benefits. You should have the right coverage which is neither too little nor too much.

You’ve worked hard to provide for your family and build your wealth, so it’s important to make sure you’re protected when life’s unexpected events occur. This is where proper insurance planning and risk management come into play. This is a critical component of any comprehensive financial plan.


Insurance Foundations

Home Auto and Liability

Home, Auto & Liability

Property can be replaced … if you have the right coverage.

We often find clients with insufficient coverage are also paying too much. Policy provisions may exclude certain types of loss and property value definitions may limit the ability to replace lost possessions. We make sure that you have adequate catastrophic coverage in place, without paying more than needed to cover that exposure.

Life Health and Disability

Life, Health & Disability

Because your loved ones depend on you.

During your working years you need to protect those dependent on your income from an untimely death. You also need to insure your income should an illness or injury keep you from working. Major medical insurance protects everyone from catastrophic medical expenses, while long-term care should be contemplated closer to retirement. Each insurance product has many different features and types to consider. We will analyze your situation and the applicable risks to determine needed coverage and where to purchase it.


Insurance / Risk Management


Collaboration With Your Insurance Agent

Because we are a Fiduciary and want to remain unbiased and free from conflicts of interest, we do not sell commission products like insurance policies. However, we will gladly work closely with your insurance agent to ensure your financial plan is aligned with your insurance needs. If you do not have an insurance agent, and would like to engage one, we have several strategic partnerships with insurance agencies in the Houston area. We can certainly coordinate that engagement and will continue working with them on your behalf in the future.