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All-Time Highs Both Worry and Excite

Last week, the S&P 500 reached another new all-time high while the NASDAQ and Dow Jones Industrial Average each finished within one percent of record levels. Continue reading

The Fed Tapering?

Just as it has across history, the Federal Reserve played a central role in the crisis and recovery of the past 18 months. Continue reading

Which Digital Payment App Is Right For You?

While paying online has become easier and more accessible over the years, the COVID-19 pandemic took virtual spending to an entirely new level. As more and more people are embracing this type of spending, the payment options are growing. Continue reading

It’s Been a Pretty Good Year

For some, it may feel as if financial markets are more uncertain than ever. But, you have to admit it’s been a pretty good year for investors. Continue reading

Market and Economic Update (June 2021)

This is our monthly Global Market and Economic Update. The market summary features recent performance of global stocks, U.S. sectors, and interest rates. The economic update features relevant economic metrics, rates, actuals and forecasts. We hope you find it helpful. Continue reading

Inflation Takes Center Stage

The central issue for many investors continues to be inflation. Prices are rising for some everyday goods and services as well as for important commodities. Continue reading