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A Bit More on Bitcoin and What to Make of It

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage, prompting many investors to wonder whether these new types of electronic money deserve a place in their portfolios. Continue reading

The Market Roars – Stay Focused

It goes without saying that rising markets are positive for investors. However, as with all things, maintaining balance is the key to long-term success. Just as investors often find it difficult to stay invested when markets pull back, many also find it challenging to stay focused when markets are roaring. Continue reading

Week In Perspective: Market Continues Rally [09-Apr-21]

The S&P 500 (+2.7%) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (+2.0%) kicked off the week with a data-driven rally to new heights, followed by a mechanical grind higher the rest of the week. The Nasdaq Composite (+3.1%) outperformed with a 3% gain, while the Russell 2000 underperformed with a 0.5% decline. Continue reading

Understanding Inflation in 2021

Following a year of economic instability, it appears that many of us are turning our attention to something that’s been around for decades, but has recently piqued national interest – inflation. Continue reading

Market and Economic Update (April 2021)

This is our monthly Global Market and Economic Update. The market summary features recent performance of global stocks, U.S. sectors, and interest rates. The economic update features relevant economic metrics, rates, actuals and forecasts. We hope you find it helpful. Continue reading

Inflation, Interest Rates and Taxes in Q2 2021

As we begin the second quarter, it would be an understatement to say that investors have faced historic challenges over the past year. From the pandemic lockdowns to the sudden recovery, staying invested and maintaining a long-term view has been rewarded. Continue reading

Week In Perspective: S&P 500 Tops 4,000 [02-April-21]

The S&P 500 (+1.1%) reached a new milestone this week by topping the 4000 for the first time, although the Nasdaq Composite was the outright winner with a 2.6% gain. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (+0.2%) also set an all-time high, but it barely ended the week higher, while the Russell 2000 rose 1.5%. Continue reading

Will Goodson In The News!

Our very own senior financial advisor, Will Goodson, CFP®, recently sat down with a KLTV reporter to discuss the recent round of government stimulus checks. Will discusses how individuals and families can best use these funds for saving and investing, and outlines the key ingredients for long-term financial planning. Continue reading

Week In Perspective: S&P 500 Finds Support in Messy Week [26-Mar-21]

The S&P 500 went through some mild swings this week with technical and quarter-end rebalancing factors in effect, but it ultimately ended with a 1.6% gain. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (+1.4%) also closed higher, while the Nasdaq Composite (-0.6%) and Russell 2000 (-2.9%) lost ground. Continue reading