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The holiday season, especially given the market rebound over the past few weeks, is the perfect time for investors to remember that there is still much to be thankful for amid the uncertainties.
The months are getting colder, but the tech and crypto winter has been in full swing for a while. Now, we understand that markets operate in cycles - this is even more the case for technology stocks which depend not only on the underlying business cycle, but also experience waves of major hype and exuberance.
That was some kind of week! There was turmoil (and massive losses) in the cryptocurrency market and a wild midterm election.
As tempting as it may be, investors have to avoid playing the guessing game when it comes to the Fed's next move.
October came to an end on Monday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average logged its best monthly performance since 1976 with a gain of 14.0%.
U.S. midterm elections take place on November 8 amid significant market, economic, and geopolitical uncertainty.
It was, generally speaking, a very strong week for the stock market. The S&P 500 added 4%, The Dow rose 5.7%, and the Nasdaq Composite advanced 2.2%.
When it comes to the trajectory of the stock market in the long run, profits matter most. It's no secret that this year has been characterized by market and economic uncertainty due to inflation, the Fed, geopolitics, and more.
The Social Security Administration recently announced that benefits for retirees will increase by 8.7% beginning in 2023. This is the largest single year COLA increase in over 40 years.
The stock market had a strong week delivering much needed gains that saw the S&P 500, Dow, and Nasdaq register returns of 4.7%, 4.9%, and 5.2%, respectively.

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