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Please find enclosed our quarterly market review and commentary for the 2nd quarter of 2022. We hope you find it helpful.
June is elder abuse awareness month, and I recently watched a presentation from Schwab’s fraud & risk management team on the growing trend of scams against the elderly.
Investors expecting FAANG stocks to continue the extraordinary performance of recent years have undoubtedly been disappointed by their returns in 2022.
Friday's session put a punctuation point on a comeback week for the stock market. It was a short week, but it was long on big gains for the major indices.
The question at the forefront of many investors' minds is whether the economy can achieve a so-called "soft landing" in the face of high inflation, rising interest rates, Fed rate hikes, geopolitical conflicts, and other challenges.
Central banks were at the center of this week's trading action, and judging by the stock market's weakness, the central banks were anything but supportive.
As I wrote earlier this week, the S&P 500 has officially fallen to bear market levels. Rapid inflation across the economy has affected consumers and businesses, raising questions about spending and corporate profits.
The last two years have been the perfect storm for inflation, which has now dragged stocks into a bear market. Not only have these trends not let up, they have accelerated.
We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty and the anxiety that comes along with it. And even though it can feel like it, it's not different this time.
The first week of June was a short one, but it ended up being long on disappointment as the major indices couldn't build on the prior week's strong gains.

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