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Investors continue to face a wall of worry built on international trade, but reinforced by concerns over Italian banks, relations with North Korea, and more. But even with all these concerns, U.S. stocks overall are positive for the year.
After posting gains for four weeks in a row, the S&P 500 suffered a slight setback this week, ticking lower by 0.4%.
The S&P 500 opened the week with back-to-back wins. Monday's marginal victory was fueled by the top-weighted technology and financials sectors while Tuesday's uptick took place despite the lack of sector leadership and crude oil's 2.5% decline.
The stock market's early-week rally more than made up for the second-half slump, leaving the S&P 500 with a weekly gain of 1.5%.
The decision of “when” to invest in the market can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, doing nothing can be the worst decision of all.
After closing last week with three consecutive losses, the stock market returned to its winning ways on Monday.
The stock market saw limited movement during the past week, leaving the S&P 500 just below its closing level from last Friday.
After falling 1.4% last week, the S&P 500 rebounded, rising 0.8% for the week. The benchmark index wrapped up a solid first quarter (+5.5%).
After snapping a streak of six consecutive weekly gains, the stock market returned to its winning ways, with the S&P 500 adding 0.2% for the week.
After posting six consecutive weekly gains, the stock market saw its third weekly decline of 2017. However, just like the other two weekly down-ticks, this week's retreat was minor.

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