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The Retirement Salary® Income Strategy

Many of you are familiar with The Retirement Salary®, or may be current clients of the program. This will hopefully serve as a refresher. For those unfamiliar with the strategy, we hope you find this informative and helpful.

How much money do I need to save before I can retire? How much money can I live on in retirement? How do I design an investment portfolio to produce retirement income?

Questions like these led us to design The Retirement Salary® program.



The Retirement Salary® program is designed to manage risks through two components:

  • Income Component: A steady salary that you control consisting of cash and cash alternatives. Your distribution is direct deposited in your bank account regularly and is designed to deliver a consistent stream of income. The income component coordinates with other streams of income like Social Security, pension income, and royalty income.
  • Growth Component: The engine of your portfolio, designed to outpace inflation through a diversified mix of asset classes. The allocation is designed to meet your specific goals, risk tolerance, and income needs. The profits from the growth component feed the income component to create a consistent and reliable stream of income (salary).

We’ve been applying The Retirement Salary® methodology for decades through many challenging market environments, and it has served our clients well. Let our Financial Synergies team help you create a customized retirement income strategy. Please contact us to learn more.

-Financial Synergies

Financial Synergies

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