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An Interview with Brian Miller: BlackRock Global Allocation Fund

While visiting BlackRock’s New York offices on a due diligence trip in October, Bryan Zschiesche of Financial Synergies had the opportunity to interview Brian Miller, CFA, Portfolio Specialist for the BlackRock Global Allocation fund. The Global Allocation fund is a recent addition to the Alternative Strategies sleeve of our portfolios. The primary purpose of Bryan’s meeting with Brian was to get an update on the fund’s outlook and positioning, but he also wanted to take the opportunity to give clients a peek behind the curtain.

Bryan Zschiesche

Bryan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Senior Financial Advisor. He uses his expertise to develop investment strategies to protect and grow clients’ retirement savings. Bryan is a proponent of Elegant Simplicity, the idea that we can work through complex issues surrounding a financial problem and arrive at a sophisticated but simple solution.   Read Bryan’s Profile HereRead More Articles by Bryan

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