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The decision of “when” to invest in the market can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, doing nothing can be the worst decision of all.
In this video, David Butler of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), tells his story of a past experience with a stock broker, and discusses the value of working with an independent financial advisor.
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are pooled investment vehicles where investors can get broad-based exposure to different asset classes.
Our third quarter newsletter introduces you to Financial Synergies’ new hires, reminds us to continue being warrior investors, discusses our new relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors, and more. Check it out below: Q3 2015 Newsletter from Financial Synergies Asset Management, …
“The Patience Principle” is an article written by Jim Parker, Vice President at DFA Australia Limited, for Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Outside the Flags column. The Patience Principle from Financial Synergies Asset Management, Inc
As mentioned in my last article, we’ve added some ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to most of our portfolio allocations. ETFs have been around for many years and are one of the more liquid, efficient and transparent investment vehicles available. They are …
Q3 2014 Newsletter from Financial Synergies Asset Management, Inc
When our 28-year-old daughter, Caitlin, was just four months old, my wife and I noticed she was running a fever. We had been parents for exactly four months and began to get nervous about it. We had no parents handy …
Our 2nd quarter newsletter, featuring updates on the current state of the market, a mid-year recap of our portfolio, Schwab’s new technological advances with eSignature from DocuSign®, and understanding behavioral bias in investing.
Last week the Dow Jones (^DJI) topped the 17,000 mark with a gain of about 3.25% for the year. The markets have been on a tear for over three years with no significant downturn since the long forgotten technical correction …

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