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Johnny Depp knows how to burn cash! While you may not be burning through a couple million each month, it’s important to consider your financial habits.
Last week Bryan was a feature guest on Houston Matters, answering callers' questions about financial planning, retirement, and general financial advice.
It’s no secret that the state of retirement readiness in America is lacking. Per a 2016 report by TIAA, nearly 2/3 of American adults surveyed said they were not concerned about running out of money in retirement.
There are many techniques to mastering personal budgeting. Let's take a look at a few!
The end of the year is already upon us and you’re likely busy getting prepared for the holidays.
Whether you're looking for your first financial advisor or looking to make a change, there are some important questions to ask yourself and the potential advisor.
Here are five great quotes from legendary investors that are full of wisdom and common sense.
In this video, David Butler of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), tells his story of a past experience with a stock broker, and discusses the value of working with an independent financial advisor.
The date was December 31, 1999. I remember going to Wal-Mart to search the picked-over shelves for bottled water, canned food, and ammunition. Why? Y2K was coming!
Schwab has announced that the mailing dates for 2015 tax forms will be a little bit later than they have in previous years. Below is a modified schedule of when you should expect to see your forms, either via mail …

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