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There is a lot of concern and talk about the increase in cyber-attacks and hacktivist uprising amidst the Russia/Ukraine conflict.
The world is a chaotic place right now. There's always a degree of chaos of course, but there seems to be an abundance of it currently - war, sky-high inflation, crime, market turbulence...and the list goes on.
Just like your annual physical, it’s a good idea to schedule a check-up for your estate documents to make sure everything is as you intend.
While the humanitarian impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is the top concern, investors also continue to face a challenging market environment as the conflict intensifies.
If you're invested in the stock market, facing periods of geopolitical risk is unavoidable. Headlines on regional and global conflicts can be alarming since they are unlike the typical flow of business and market news.
As a follow up to my article from last week, I wanted to provide more color on another angle of the inflation story.
Inflation is higher than it's been since the early 80's, so why aren't TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities) up too?
Everyone is talking about inflation. Last year the conversation centered around the theoretical, as inflation hadn't kicked in to high gear.
The FDIC is an independent government agency that protects bank depositors from the loss of uninsured deposits at an FDIC-insured bank.
Two different belief systems serve as the basis for investment decisions: the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and Behavioral Finance (BF).

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