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Changes to Schwab Monthly Statements

If you received your Schwab monthly statement in the past week, you may have seen an insert in the mailing talking about some upcoming changes to the way Schwab will be reporting your account activity going forward.

Starting with July statements (which will be delivered in early August), Schwab will issue monthly statements for accounts that have at least one qualifying transaction—such as a deposit or a withdrawal—within the reporting month.  All accounts will receive quarterly statements from Schwab regardless of their activity level.

So, if you do not receive a Schwab statement one month, don’t be alarmed. If you have concern, the operations team here at Financial Synergies can always pull up Schwab statements online to see if one was issued for any given month.

Here is an FAQ document which outlines the Schwab changes in more detail.

There will be no changes to Financial Synergies statements you receive on a quarterly basis—you will continue receiving those from us around the 15th of the month following each quarter-end, either via mail or electronic delivery (whichever your preference).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or anyone at Financial Synergies.

Marie Villard

As Director of Operations, Marie enjoys working with clients to help them simplify their financial lives and achieve their goals. She handles a wide array of items, from complex estate transactions to compliance, to firm communications. Read Marie’s Profile HereRead More Articles by Marie

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