The National Museum of Funeral History is a museum located in Houston, Texas. It has a collection of artifacts and is designed to educate the public about death care and preserve the heritage of death care. This museum opened its doors in 1992. It is free to visit. You can also view the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts online. The museum is located at 415 Barren Springs Dr, Houston, TX 77090.

More about Houston here. This museum houses the largest collection of historic funeral service materials in the United States. It also provides educational materials about funeral traditions and features displays about everything from African fantasy coffins to Japanese funerals. It is conveniently located off of Interstate 45, about 15 minutes from Bush Airport. You can plan to spend a couple of hours at the museum.

The museum’s collection of artifacts traces the evolution of funeral rituals and practices from ancient Egypt to the modern era. You can see the evolution of funeral service and see a collection of antique hearses. In the museum, you can view reproductions of famous funeral ceremonies. You can also learn about the history of embalming from the Egyptians to Civil War field medicine.

The museum was founded in 1992 by funeral industry veteran R.L. Waltrip, who wanted to create a center to preserve the heritage of death care while educating the public. Today, the museum is an educational and cultural experience for thousands of visitors. The exhibits at the museum are an excellent way to learn about the history of the funeral industry.

The museum features more than 10,000 square feet of exhibits. The museum’s exhibits are constantly updated, so there’s always something new to discover. The museum has something for everyone. It also features a large collection of funeral ceremony memorabilia. You can explore the earliest human burial rituals as well as the most modern practices of cremation.

Visitors to the National Museum of Funeral History can also view several new exhibits. One of the most recent is the History of Cremation. This exhibit covers the history of cremation and the importance of cremation memorials. This is a first-of-its-kind exhibit. There are also educational programs available for those who want to learn more. The museum also features exhibits on chemistry, biology, and culture. The museum is also home to an embalming school.

The museum also contains the memorabilia of famous presidents. The museum also has a Presidential Funeral Gallery, which showcases the personal effects of U.S. presidents who have passed away. A replica of President Lincoln’s coffin and a genuine lock of Lincoln’s hair are among the memorabilia on display. Check this out. The museum also offers an embalming school, which students can learn in a hands-on manner.

The National Museum of Funeral History Texas features educational programs that focus on culture, social practices, and biology. Other programs focus on language and the craftsmanship of artifacts.

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