Galena Park is a city located in Harris County, Texas. It is a part of the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan area. It has a population of about 75,000. The city is home to many thriving businesses and is a great place for families to live. Discover More about Galena Park here.

Galena Park is situated along the Houston Ship Channel. It was first settled by Ezekiel Thomas in 1824, after obtaining a land grant from the Mexican government. Thomas died in 1835, and his son Isaac Batterson moved to the area. The town was originally a small farming and ranching community. However, the development of the port of Houston changed the character of the town. The Morgan Steam Ship Company, owned by Charles Morgan, dredged the bayou and excavated the canal opposite Morgan’s Point.

In 1936, there were only a few hundred people living in Galena Park. However, the population grew to as many as twelve hundred and sixty-four in the 1970s. It then declined to nine thousand and sixty-six residents in 1988. Today, the city has more than eleven thousand people.

The poverty rate in Galena Park is above the national average. It is estimated that over a fifth of residents live in poverty. The average rate of poverty in America is ten to thirteen percent. The majority of people live in families with four members. In terms of diversity, the city ranks 407 in the state and 8043 nationally.

The history of Galena Park is rich. In the 1840s, the town was known as Clinton Settlement. In 1928, the United States Post Office Department refused to grant the town a post office due to a conflict of names. This conflict forced the town to change its name to Galena Park. The town’s leading industry at the time was the Galena-Signal Oil Company. A fantastic read.

The city’s residents are mostly Latino and nearly 30 percent live below the poverty line. The residents of Galena Park are encouraged to shelter in place because of the benzene from the burning petrochemicals facility. This is the case after a deadly explosion at a nearby Phillips Petroleum facility. In the aftermath of the fire, the city’s health officials issued warnings to local residents and issued emergency orders.

In the 2010 census, the population of Galena Park Texas was 11,075. This is a small city and the economic conditions are worse than the state average. However, a large percentage of people live here and drive their own automobile to work. In addition to this, many residents carpool with coworkers, friends, and neighbors.

The city’s leaders are trying to implement a law that will protect the citizens from being polluted by toxic chemicals. The Brennan Center for Justice is suing the state over the new law. The Brennan Center for Justice argued that SB 1 impedes voting rights. The Brennan Center for Justice won the case in federal court. While the case is ongoing, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has delayed the decision until the Republican-dominated Texas Supreme Court has the chance to weigh in.

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