The ArtCar Museum is a private contemporary art museum located at 140 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007, Texas. Also known as the “Garage Mahal,” the museum first opened in February 1998. While its name suggests it is primarily a museum of art cars, the collection also includes many fine arts works by artists that are not typically represented in other cultural institutions. This means that if you’re looking to see cars that are different from the norm, the ArtCar Museum is worth a visit. More.

The museum has 130 works of art, including repurposed old cars. They range from famous paintings on wheels to sculptures made from recycled materials. Houston is a popular destination for visitors who want to see art cars in action. However, visitors must be aware that this content is not intended to be an endorsement of a particular company or product. This content is only provided for educational purposes. Please note that all opinions expressed are the opinions of the author, and are not intended to be definitive and complete.

Although this museum has an impressive collection of art cars, it is a small venue with a limited number of exhibits. You can only see one or two cars at a time. Art Car Museum Houston TX is located just west of downtown Houston, near the Museum District. It is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday through Sunday. It is best to schedule an appointment ahead of time if you want to see the entire collection. Parking is also limited and a reservation is needed.

The Art Car Museum Houston TX is a not-for-profit art organization. It was founded by Ann Harithas, a longtime Art Car supporter. The museum also features artists rarely featured in other cultural institutions. There is an exhibit of Art Cars every six months and it is well worth the trip. This Houston art museum will make you feel inspired by the post-modern age of car culture. It’s a unique venue for modern art and may launch a career for an unknown artist.

While the Art Car Museum is free to visit, the museum does have a limited number of exhibits. You can buy art cars and other car-related items. Many artists exhibit their works in public spaces. You can even purchase artwork from their galleries. The Museum also offers online booking options. You can also find out more about getting to the museum. And don’t forget to check out the pictures of the interior. These are just a few of the highlights of the Art Car Museum Houston TX. Click for more info.

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