As mentioned in my last article, we’ve added some ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to most of our portfolio allocations. ETFs have been around for many years and are one of the more liquid, efficient and transparent investment vehicles available. They are … Continue reading

Baron Discovery: A Meeting with the Portfolio Managers

Last week we were given the opportunity to meet with the two portfolio managers of Baron Discovery, a fund which we added to our clients’ portfolios in August 2014. The fund is managed by Randy Gwirtzman and Laird Bieger, both … Continue reading

The Fund with the Odd Name

When first mentioned in client meetings, the Merger Fund sometimes elicits looks of confusion or curiosity from its name alone.  It doesn’t sound like the other names in your portfolio, and it doesn’t act like them either.  It’s considered an … Continue reading

An Affirmation from Morningstar

Morningstar announced last week their selections for their 2013 Fund Manager of the Year awards. We were pleased to learn that Dan Ivascyn and Alfred Murata, managers of the PIMCO Income fund, were selected as Fixed-Income Fund Managers of the … Continue reading

Small-Cap Value Changes

We’ve made a change in our small-cap value stock category. We’ve replaced the Queens Road Small-Cap Value fund with Diamond Hill Small-Cap Institutional (DHSIX). This fund has been on our radar for years, but only recently were we able to … Continue reading