Wealth and Hard-Working Americans

Kevin Williamson, a correspondent for National Review recently wrote an article titled, “Rich America is a Working America”. In it he quotes some interesting statistics that call into question the negative portrayal of the “rich” that has become an effective … Continue reading

What’s Your Estate Plan?

My wife and I have a close friend who recently underwent a major heart operation. Like me, he’s in his early 30s and appeared to be in perfect health. Our friend visited a doctor earlier in the year regarding a … Continue reading

Income versus Total Return

Many investors and retirees rely on their investment portfolio to fund all, or part of their cash needs. In wealth management, there are two practices employed to create this cash flow; the income approach and the total return approach. The … Continue reading

A Tiny Country in the Eurozone

The Greek drama just won’t end. The banks have been closed and cash withdrawals from ATMs are now limited to 60 euros per day. The country is a mess and is, unfortunately, the primary cause of recent global market volatility. … Continue reading

Two-Minute Tour

Financial Synergies is located on the 14th Floor of the Whitney Bank building, just inside the loop in Highland Village. If you haven’t been to the office lately, we would love to see you and share updates with you. Until … Continue reading