The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic site is located in San Jacinto, Texas. It is a 1,200-acre site commemorating the famous battle that helped Texas gain its independence from Mexico. The battle was one of the most important in the history of Texas. The Mexican Army, led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, was defeated by the Texas army in the battle. You can visit this historic site at 3523 Independence Pkwy, La Porte, TX 77571.

The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic site is a park that includes an 1,210-foot trail. It also includes a museum, movie theater, and a 500-foot observation deck. Click for more info. The main attractions charge admission but the park itself is free of charge and has a natural feel.

The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic site includes the site of the Battle of San Jacinto and the USS Texas museum ship. It is located near Houston, Texas and is designated a National Historic Landmark. The San Jacinto Monument is a prominent feature of the park. Visitors can also take an elevator to the observation deck for a panoramic view of the city.

The San Jacinto Monument and Museum of History is located on One Monument Cir. It is the tallest masonry monument in the world and was built between 1936 and 1939. The museum is run by the San Jacinto Museum of History Association, which contracts with the Texas Historical Commission. The San Jacinto Battleground Association, however, is independent of the San Jacinto Museum of History Association.

The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic site was established in 1907. This site has important historical significance as it commemorates the battle and its lasting impact on the history of Texas and the United States. It is a National Historic Landmark and is a National Historic Site.
The battle lasted 18 minutes and ended in a surrender by the Mexican Army. The Mexican Army was caught unaware and had little time to react. In the end, they lost 630 men and took 730 prisoners. The fight resulted in the liberation of Texas.

The battle took place in 1836 and was an important step towards Texas independence from Mexico. General Sam Houston, the commander-in-chief of the Texas army, fought against the three armies of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Additional info.
General Houston was ultimately successful in his mission, giving Texas independence and opening the way for the United States to expand westward. The United States eventually annexed Texas in 1845.

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