The Lawndale / Wayside neighborhood in Houston, TX has an interesting mix of cultural and occupational groups. This neighborhood is unique in some ways, too, including its high carpooling rate. In fact, about 20.8% of commuters ride their bikes in Lawndale / Wayside, compared to 95.2% in other neighborhoods. For those who love the outdoors, there are several attractions in Lawndale / Wayside. Browse next article.

If you’re looking for a commercial space in Lawndale / Wayside, Houston, TX, there are 7 available spaces, totaling 89,240 square feet. Search by size, price, and more to find the perfect space. A search filter will allow you to narrow down your search to a certain size. The median days on market have decreased from last month and the year prior.

The median home price in Lawndale / Wayside is $461,356. This is higher than the national median of $461,700. Rents are $1,171 per month, which is less expensive than 78.1% of neighborhoods in Texas. The area is home to a variety of ethnic groups, ranging from farmers to clerical workers. There are many great things about living in Lawndale / Wayside Houston TX. You can find everything from parks and restaurants to schools and shopping centers in just a few short blocks. Browse around this site.

Point of Interest #1 Urban War Zone Paintball, 2315 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77023, United States

Point of Interest #2 Kickin’ Kombucha, 5420 Lawndale St #500, Houston, TX 77023, United States

Point of Interest #3 Spurlock Park, 6700 Park Ln, Houston, TX 77023, United States

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