With its strong economy, plentiful jobs, and affordable housing, Houston is a prime destination for a new resident. The city also boasts a diverse population and cultural makeup. Nearly half of its residents speak a language other than English at home. Approximately 100 languages are spoken in Houston schools. Browse next article. Moreover, Christianity is a big part of Houston’s culture, and it is home to several megachurches.

Houston has a subtropical climate with warm summers and cool winters. Weather in Houston is mostly cloudy, with occasional rain and sunny days. The hottest month is July, with temperatures averaging 93 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, January is milder, averaging 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, Houston has 204 days of sunshine each year. Additionally, the city receives 53 inches of rain each year, which is higher than the national average of 38 inches. These weather conditions can create very challenging conditions for those with respiratory issues.

After incorporation in 1837, Houston adopted a ward system of government. The city was divided into six original wards, which eventually evolved into 11 geographically-oriented Houston City Council districts. The ward system was finally replaced by the commission government in 1905. The city’s skyline has a number of tall buildings, including the JPMorgan Chase Tower and the Williams Tower, which are among the world’s tallest buildings outside of a central business district.

Houston is home to numerous schools and universities. Among the most prestigious is Rice University, which is the seventh largest university in the United States and the largest in Texas. It has a 300-acre campus adjacent to the Texas Medical Center and Hermann Park. Over 4,000 undergraduate students attend Rice. The city is also home to the University of St. Thomas, which has a small Catholic presence and has 3,000 students enrolled.

The city was also home to a number of sports teams. The Houston Astros were a baseball team until 1962, and the Houston Oilers played football until 1959. The Houston Rockets began playing basketball in 1971. In 2002, the Oilers moved to Tennessee and the Houston Texans replaced them. In 2005, Houston added a soccer team, the Houston Dynamo.

The Houston housing market is relatively affordable compared to other large metros. In fact, Houston housing costs are below the national average and are only slightly higher than the average of the 20 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. The median price of a house in Houston is $260,000, and the average price is $324,000, which is up 6.1% from last year. Houston’s median rent is $1,041 a month. The median household income is $52,338. Twenty percent of Houston residents are living below the poverty line.

The city has a thriving cultural scene and a number of museums and cultural institutions. Houston is home to the Houston Ballet, the Alley Theatre, and the Houston Grand Opera. It is also a hub for Broadway touring companies. There are also many great concerts and exhibitions to see. Check it out here.

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