Retirement Planning

How to Invest in Your Health in 2022

Healthcare is one of the essential parts of life’s financial and personal journey. Many have not yet utilized all the financial tools that may help. Continue reading

Early Retirement Plan Rollovers

You may be able to take your 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan and roll it into another type of retirement account while you are still working. Let’s look at how these rollovers can happen and if they may apply to you. Continue reading

Inflation Can Be Managed

Economics is often called the “dismal science” in part because of its poor track record at making predictions. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is the difficulty in determining whether something is a new trend or a temporary event. Continue reading

Medicare Cost Changes for 2022

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the 2022 changes for Medicare premiums and deductibles for Part A and Part B. Continue reading

Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill

At the White House on Monday, President Biden signed a $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill set to enable enhancements for transportation and utilities over the next five years. Continue reading

Are Capital Gains Taxes Changing?

There are a lot of questions about President Biden’s Build Back Better plan and potential tax law changes, including an adjustment to capital gains taxes. Continue reading

Important: Changes to Your Bond Portfolio

It’s no secret that bonds haven’t exactly been fun to watch lately. Rising interest rates and inflation have taken a bite out of most fixed income portfolios, and most investors are not accustomed to seeing that. Continue reading