Market Commentary

How Record Housing Prices Influence the Market

One of the beneficiaries of the lockdowns and social distancing measures of the past year has no doubt been the housing market. It is well known that many flocked to the suburbs, moved to warmer climates, and traded up their homes during the early stages of the pandemic. Continue reading

Why Investors Still Face Low-Yield Challenges

Despite the jump in interest rates this year, the yields on many corporate bonds remain low. This is driven by many of the same factors that continue to push the stock market higher: the strong economic recovery and rebound in corporate profits. Continue reading

Week In Perspective: Market Snaps Hot Streak [23-Apr-21]

The stock market finished mixed and little changed in a week marked by consolidation activity and heated tax discussions. The S&P 500 (-0.1%), Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.5%), and Nasdaq Composite (-0.3%) finished slightly lower, while the Russell 2000 (+0.4%) closed slightly higher. Continue reading

Do Downturns Lead to Down Years?

Do Downturns Lead to Down Years? The answer to this question is, “almost never.” It hasn’t been a particularly fun week for most parts of the stock market, but it’s hardly a reason for major concern. And most major market indices are way up (in most cases up double digits). Continue reading

Blockbuster Economic Growth

The past few weeks have seen one blockbuster economic report after another. From the 916,000 jobs that were added in March to retail sales jumping 9.8% month-over-month, these are some of the best economic numbers we could see in a lifetime. Continue reading