Market Commentary

October 4, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The markets staged an impressive comeback rally on Friday, though the S&P 500 still declined 0.3% for the week. Several economic reports reawakened growth concerns and contributed to heavy selling, but the market was able to end the week on a positive note following decent employment data for September. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.9%, and the Russell 2000 lost 1.3%. The Nasdaq Composite increased 0.5%. Continue reading

4th Quarter of 2019 Begins

It was only one year ago that the stock market began tumbling nearly 20%. Investors and economists were worried about the Fed over-tightening interest rates, trade wars dooming the global economy, and the business cycle swiftly ending in a recession. Continue reading

September 27, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The major U.S. indices lost ground this week, as the market appeared rattled by negative-sounding headlines related to trade and politics. The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined just 0.4%, but the S&P 500 (-1.0%), Nasdaq Composite (-2.0%), and Russell 2000 (-2.5%) posted sizable losses. Continue reading

September 20, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The past week was rife with noteworthy developments, but movement in the market was limited. The S&P 500 shed 0.5% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.0%. Continue reading

How the Saudi Oil Disruption Affects Us

Over the weekend, attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities disrupted 5.7 million barrels per day of production, approximately 5% of the world’s daily output. Oil prices have spiked (+15%) as a result, with the administration authorizing the use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and hinting at possible military action. For investors, headlines such as these may naturally spark concern. Continue reading

September 13, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The stock market extended its winning streak to three weeks, with value-oriented sectors leading the market closer to all-time highs. The S&P 500 (+1.0%) climbed back above the 3,000 level while the Dow Jones (+1.6%) rose back above 27,000. Continue reading

What To Make Of Last Week’s Jobs Report

With the markets fluctuating on a day-to-day basis from headlines such as U.S.-China trade and Federal Reserve monetary policy, it’s important to maintain perspective on the overall health of the U.S. economy. Continue reading

September 6, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The stock market rallied for the second straight week, supported by developments in trade, politics, and encouraging economic data. The S&P 500 (+1.8%), Nasdaq Composite (+1.8%), and Dow Jones Industrial Average (+1.5%) each increased at least 1.5%. The Russell 2000 (+0.7%) trailed its larger-cap peers. Continue reading

August 30, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The S&P 500 rose 2.8% this week, snapping a four-week losing streak as the market turned more optimistic on trade dealings with China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 3.0%, the Nasdaq Composite increased 2.7%, and the Russell 2000 increased 2.4%. Continue reading