Market Commentary

Next Phase of the Business Cycle

The economy has officially surpassed pre-pandemic levels after the sharpest recession and recovery in history. That this took place in less than a year and a half is not only remarkable but has also created opportunities for investors. Continue reading

Value vs. Growth: What’s the Difference?

I’ve written about this subject at least a dozen times over the years, but it’s always worth revisiting now and again. At different periods of time, the stock market appears to favor one of two stock types – value stocks or growth stocks. Continue reading

Climbing The “Wall of Worry”

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. I almost cringe when I hear myself say that, because it is, quite literally, always true. And the financial media is beginning to recycle one of their favorite terms – climbing the “wall of worry.” Continue reading

Week In Perspective: Market Rebounds Into Records [23-Jul-21]

The S&P 500 (+2.0%), Dow Jones Industrial Average (+1.1%), and Nasdaq Composite (+2.8%) ended the week at record highs, as investors embraced a buy-the-dip mindset and piled into the largest stocks in the market after a rough start to the week. Continue reading

IPOs, SPACs, and Direct Listings: All Paths to the Same Place

Investors have long recognized that the reasons why companies elect to go public include access to greater fundraising opportunities, improved liquidity for investors, and/or a lower cost of capital. More recently, however, investors have considered the implications related to how companies go public. Continue reading