Market Commentary

March 6, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

Believe it or not, after all the volatility this week, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones actually gained ground, adding 0.6% and 1.8% respectively. The week’s positive change masks the fact that the S&P 500 bounced around a 235-point range since last Friday. Continue reading

Coronavirus Update

What’s the old saying in Texas? “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.” That’s what watching this market is like. We’re experiencing record ups and downs on a daily basis. But, as Mike Booker stated yesterday, “this storm will pass.” Continue reading

The Underlying Bond Rally

The coronavirus remains the focus, as the market took another gut punch today (03/03/2020) right after yesterday’s historic gain. To probably no one’s surprise, the roller coaster continues. Investors are reacting to headlines on the spread of the coronavirus around the globe, now officially known as COVID-19, as well as recent mixed economic data. After a relatively calm year for the markets in 2019, it’s important to maintain perspective and stay disciplined. Continue reading

State of the Markets and Rebalancing Your Portfolio

Now that’s what you call volatility! And what a difference a day makes. Monday, in a dramatic reversal from last week’s steep losses, the US stock market posted its best performance in more than a decade. The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 1,293.96 points (+5.1%) in its biggest one-day percentage gain since 2009, and its biggest point gain ever. Continue reading

February 28, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

Folks, there is no sugarcoating it – this was a truly ugly week for investors around the globe. The stock market endured its worst performance since 2008, as the S&P 500 fell 11.5% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average surrendered 12.4%. Continue reading

Coronavirus and Market Contagion

The coronavirus continues to impact the global stock markets negatively, and today was particularly gruesome. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than a 1,000 points (-3.56%). Just an unusually ugly day in the market by any measure of comparison. Continue reading

February 21, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

The stock market hits new highs mid-week but sells off at the end. The S&P 500 (-1.3%) and Nasdaq Composite (-1.6%) set new intraday and closing records this week as investors remained unconcerned by the coronavirus, but stocks sold off to end the week amid a pervasively defensive tone. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 1.4%, and the Russell 2000 lost 0.5%. Continue reading

February 14, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

Market stays bullish in February. It was another record-setting week, as the market remained undeterred by the coronavirus and stayed on its bullish trend. The Nasdaq Composite (+2.2%) and Russell 2000 (+1.9%) set the pace, followed by the S&P 500 (+1.6%) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (+1.0%). Continue reading

Economy Is Stable Despite Public Health Emergency

The stock market continues to react to coronavirus headlines on a daily basis – with both negative and positive market swings. As the death toll rises (primarily in China at the moment), the fact that this is a human tragedy and not just an economic or financial one should not be diminished. Continue reading

February 7, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

The stock market rallied to new heights this week, as investors looked past coronavirus concerns and drew support from positive fundamentals. The Nasdaq Composite outperformed with a 4.0% weekly gain, followed by the S&P 500 (+3.2%), Dow Jones Industrial Average (+3.0%), and Russell 2000 (+2.7%). Continue reading