Financial Tips

Budgeting to the Core

There are many techniques to mastering personal budgeting. Let’s take a look at a few! Continue reading

Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

Whether you’re looking for your first financial advisor or looking to make a change, there are some important questions to ask yourself and the potential advisor. Continue reading

Focus on What You Can Control

In this video, David Butler of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), tells his story of a past experience with a stock broker, and discusses the value of working with an independent financial advisor. Continue reading

The Annual End of the World

The date was December 31, 1999. I remember going to Wal-Mart to search the picked-over shelves for bottled water, canned food, and ammunition. Why? Y2K was coming! Continue reading

Update on 2015 Tax Forms

Schwab has announced that the mailing dates for 2015 tax forms will be a little bit later than they have in previous years. Below is a modified schedule of when you should expect to see your forms, either via mail … Continue reading

Using Pre-Paid Gift Cards on Amazon

Given the recent holiday season, it’s likely you received a present in the form of a pre-paid gift cards. For those of you who like shopping on Amazon, you may realize that using those gift cards isn’t so easy. The … Continue reading

Impressive Banking for Charles Schwab Account Holders

Banks these days are either gouging with hidden fees or requiring huge minimum balances. Since many of our clients have complex banking needs, I often refer them to Charles Schwab Bank. Charles Schwab has the 13th largest bank in the … Continue reading

There’s an App for That

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about how to jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions where I discussed a few ways to keep track of and record the progress of your projects and resolutions. One of the ways … Continue reading