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Our 3rd Quarter 2013 Newsletter

Q3 2013 Newsletter from Financial Synergies Asset Management, Inc

Four Ways You Can Increase Your Life Expectancy

At a recent event, I was introduced to a book called Living to 100.  The book explores many of the factors that contribute to longevity and is based on research performed by the New England Centenarian Study.  As you probably … Continue reading

You Think You Have More Time

One of the toughest parts of my job as a financial advisor is experiencing the passing of a long-time client.  Comforting a grieving family and helping to guide heirs through the account transfer process that follows is both challenging and … Continue reading

What Diversification Really Is (And What It’s Not)

Over the years I’ve come to realize that diversification can mean different things to different people.  Most financial advisors preach diversification, but I’m often astonished by the allocation strategies that pass for “diversification” in the financial planning industry.  Diversification is … Continue reading

Social Security & the Marshmallow Test

Beginning in the late 1960’s, a professor at Stanford University began a series of studies on delayed gratification.  Pre-school children were given a single marshmallow and then offered a choice: they could eat the marshmallow immediately or they could wait … Continue reading

84-year-old Florida Widow Wins $590 Million Lottery

Last week the world learned that 84-year-old Gloria MacKenzie was the sole winner of the $590 million Powerball jackpot.  This makes her one of the biggest winners in lottery history.  The widowed great-grandmother chose to receive her winnings as a … Continue reading

The Retirement Salary®

The Retirement Salary® is our proprietary retirement income strategy.  It is not an annuity or commission-based product.  It is designed to provide retirees with a steady, predictable income while allowing the portfolio to continue growing over time.  Please view the … Continue reading

Quirky IRA Deductibility Rules

Few would question the merits of using a Traditional IRA as a vehicle for tax-deferred retirement savings.  They are very easy to establish, and the investment options are vast.  As long as you are under the age of 70 ½ … Continue reading

Breaking Free from the 401(k) Trap

401(k) plans are a great way to save money for retirement, but they don’t always have the best investment options available within the plan.  Employees are generally limited to a list of 10 or 12 mutual funds and are unable … Continue reading