Financial Planning

2020: Reflecting on an Unprecedented Year

The year 2020 proved to be one of the most tumultuous in modern history, marked by countless developments that were historically unprecedented. But the year also demonstrated the resilience of people, institutions, and financial markets. Continue reading

Bitcoin Mania is Back

Ok, so maybe “mania” is an exaggeration, but there certainly is a renewed interest and hype around Bitcoin these days. Maybe that’s because it’s up over 200% in 2020 and has now surpassed its high from three years ago (currently more than $21,000). Continue reading

November 20, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

Cyclical stocks retained their monthly leadership roles this week following several positive vaccine developments, but the S&P 500 (-0.8%) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.7%) finished in negative territory. The Russell 2000 climbed 2.4%, and the Nasdaq Composite increased 0.2% despite relative weakness in the technology stocks. Continue reading

Perspectives After a Heated Election

After a heated campaign amid a challenging year for all Americans, the presidential election now has a projected winner. Roughly half of the country disagrees with this choice and there are already legal battles in key states. This is clearly not over yet and only one thing is certain – none of this is moving us closer to a sense of national unity. Continue reading

Try Not To Worry

Easier said than done, I know. But try not to worry about this upcoming election. Especially when it comes to your money. No matter who you are voting for or what the outcome is, this country and economy will persevere and thrive. Continue reading

Better to Leave Politics Out of Investing

With the U.S. presidential election just around the corner, it’s easy to get wrapped up in every “what if” scenario. And while our votes should reflect our personal beliefs and preferences, whatever they may be, history has shown that it is best for our portfolios to stay out of politics. In other words, Americans ought to vote at the ballots and not with their hard-earned savings. Continue reading

3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Please find below our 3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter – with articles on the economy, financial planning, the markets, and more. We hope you find it helpful! Continue reading

Medicare Open Enrollment Begins October 15th

The beginning of fall always brings some much-anticipated changes – cooler weather, leaves changing color, and much more. For Medicare recipients, it may bring some not-so-welcome changes. Each year beginning in mid-October is what’s known as Medicare Open Enrollment. Whether you are new to Medicare or have been covered for many years, this is an important time to review your medical coverage. Continue reading

Student Loans During COVID-19

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster ride, to say the least. I am always looking for the silver lining during periods of turmoil. One of the most considerable benefits to come from all this pandemic madness relates to federal student loans. Continue reading

Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

Mortgage refinancing is a topic that is coming up in almost every client meeting these days. Mortgage rates are dramatically lower than they were even 6 months ago. Not to mention mid to late 2018, when rates were at 4.5%-5.0% for well-qualified buyers (unfortunately, this was right when my wife and I bought our first home). Continue reading