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June 19, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

Stocks recover some losses this week. The S&P 500 advanced 1.9% this week, recouping some losses from the prior week. The Nasdaq Composite outperformed again with a 3.7% gain, followed by the Russell 2000 (+2.2%) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (+1.0%). Continue reading

The Fed’s Guidance and Market Volatility

The stock market is experiencing renewed uncertainty and volatility only days after it recovered its year-to-date losses. Many investors are justifiably concerned about the pace at which the market recovered and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis around the world. Continue reading

June 12, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

It was a wild ride to say the least! The stock market started the week hitting a key milestone – the S&P 500 turned positive for the year, and the Nasdaq Composite rose above 10,000 for the first time – but succumbed to profit taking that handed it its worst week since March. The S&P 500 fell 4.8%, the Nasdaq fell 2.3%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 5.6%, the Russell 2000 fell 7.9%. Continue reading

Jobs Surprise and the Recovery

The latest jobs report is a positive (and huge) surprise for the economy. It shows that rather than losing an expected 7.5 million jobs in May, the economy gained 2.5 million. The unemployment rate also fell from 14.7% to 13.3% while the under-employment rate ticked down too. Continue reading

June 5, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

It was a huge week for the market, as stocks were boosted by the May employment report. The S&P 500 rose 4.9%, closing just below the 3200 level on the back of improving economic data, recovery optimism, and a fear of missing out. Continue reading

How Housing Prices Affect Economic Recovery

With the economy slowly reopening across the country, the question remains: will consumers feel confident enough to spend? Or will they wait and see, effectively delaying the recovery? While it may take months for the economic data to reveal exactly how consumers feel, there are several indicators today which may be helpful. Continue reading

Welcome Our Summer Interns!

We are thrilled to have two bright minds joining us for our 2020 Summer Internship program! Please join us in welcoming Rachel Buckhoff and Jared Tobin. Rachel attends University of Texas majoring in Finance, and Jared attends Texas Tech majoring in Personal Financial Planning. Welcome! Continue reading

May 29, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

Broad-based gains lift the S&P 500 back above its 200-day moving average. The stock market extended its rally this week on continued optimism about an economic recovery and a fear of missing out on further gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average outperformed with a 3.8% gain, followed by the S&P 500 (+3.0%), Russell 2000 (+2.8%), and Nasdaq Composite (+1.8%). Continue reading

When the Economy & Stocks Completely Diverge

Do you find it puzzling when a bleak economic report emerges from the press, only to be accompanied by a positive surge in the stock market? You’re not alone. The last few weeks have produced many examples of a stark contrast between stock market performance and economic indicators. So why the apparent disconnect? Continue reading

The Bumpy Road to Long-Term Averages

In the investing world, we like to use average annualized returns when discussing the long-term performance of a security or portfolio. It’s certainly not a perfect gauge, but it’s pretty much the best we’ve got. Continue reading