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Investor Optimism Seems Elusive, Yet Always Rewarded

Investors (and humans in general) often find it more natural to be pessimistic. After all, with one’s hard-earned savings on the line, it’s hard not to focus on what can go wrong. This is made worse by the vast number of negative events and attention-grabbing headlines every day. Also, it just sounds more sophisticated to be pessimistic. Investors that exude optimism are often dismissed as unsophisticated. Yet, this optimism is always rewarded in the long run. Continue reading

February 5, 2021 Weekly Market Recap

The stock market rebounded swiftly from last week’s decline, with the S&P 500 finishing higher in all five sessions and ending the week with a 4.7% weekly gain. The Russell 2000 gained 7.7%, the Nasdaq Composite gained 6.0%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 3.9%. Continue reading

What the Heck is a Stonk?

If you have no idea what a “stonk” is, don’t worry about it. I had no clue until the last couple weeks brought a whole new social media world into the spotlight. The term “stonk” is basically just slang for “stock.” Continue reading

Market and Economic Update (Feb. 2021)

This is our monthly Global Market and Economic Update. The market summary features recent performance of global stocks, U.S. sectors, and interest rates. The economic update features relevant economic metrics, rates, actuals and forecasts. Continue reading

Cryptocurrency and Asset Allocation

Benjamin Graham, often considered to be the father of value investing, drew a stark distinction between speculating and investing. He considered speculation to be the buying/selling of securities that is based on price movement alone. Investing, on the other hand, is based on the analysis of factors such as company performance, sector trends, macroeconomic data, etc. Continue reading

January 29, 2021 Weekly Market Recap

A word about the GameStop (GME) frenzy: Market volatility continued today as the battle between the GME short-sellers and traders raged on. Short-sellers are mostly holding on to their positions or they are being replaced by hedge funds willing to bet against the stock. Continue reading

Race to $1 Trillion – Car Manufacturers

Starting this month I’m going to attempt to post occasional articles on an interesting topic that may, or may not be investing related. I’ll throw in a graphic to vividly illustrate the topic as well. Just stuff that I find interesting and informative, and hopefully you will too. Continue reading

The GameStop “Short Squeeze”

If you’ve been tuned into any financial media outlets over the past few weeks, it would’ve been nearly impossible not to have heard about this story. The GameStop “Short Squeeze” has become the stuff of Wall Street Legend, and it’s also a sign of the times. Continue reading

Worried About a Stock Market Bubble?

As the stock market continues its steep climb after last year’s bear market crash, some investors worry about the possibility of a bubble. Over this period, the S&P 500 has risen 70% with dividends reinvested even as the pandemic rages on, many businesses continue to feel the pinch, and there are concerns over inflation. This is especially the case in technology-led sectors that have significantly outperformed. Should you be concerned? Continue reading

The Future Is Here

Though my last science course was a biology class taken in 11th grade – whose tests are still the source of my most vivid nightmares – I am in awe of the technological breakthroughs in so many areas of our world. While we still don’t have flying cars (yet), advancements in genomics, artificial intelligence, automation and communication continue to boggle my mind. Below are two that I find particularly fascinating. Continue reading