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July 17, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

This week saw the Nasdaq Composite (-1.1%) finally take a breather, as money flowed out of mega-cap technology stocks and into value-oriented cyclical stocks. The S&P 500 advanced 1.3%, trailing both the Dow Jones Industrial Average (+2.3%) and Russell 2000 (+3.6%) in gains this week. Continue reading

The Impact of a Biden or Trump Presidency

I’m not allocating much space to this column to discuss the past six months. I think we might all agree that it will be regarded as one of the most tumultuous periods in history, if not in our lifetimes. Like you, I hope and pray that the next 6 months will be dramatically better than the last, in both financial markets and society in general. Continue reading

We’ve Expanded Our Team!

Please join us in welcoming four new team members to the Financial Synergies family! Our apologies for just now announcing David Wanja, who actually joined us quite a while ago. We got a little sidetracked with the COVID craziness. Continue reading

July 10, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

The Nasdaq Composite was where most of the action was this week, as it rose 4.0% and closed at a record high in four of the five trading sessions. The S&P 500 rose a respectable 1.8%, followed by a 1.0% gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The small-cap Russell 2000, however, declined 0.6%. Continue reading

Is Value Investing Dead, Again?

Given the dramatic underperformance of value stocks (vs. growth stocks) in recent years, it’s understandable that people would question the validity of the strategy, perhaps believing that the value “premium” has vanished. But observers of market history know that value faced similar death sentences previously, only to stage a dramatic comeback and deliver spectacular returns. Continue reading

Negativity Sounds Sophisticated

Have you ever noticed how negativity sounds sophisticated? This is especially true when talking about investing and the financial markets. Think about it – it’s true. Many investors simply tune out the person always saying, “the market will recover” or “staying invested is the best course.” The optimist investor risks being called a Pollyanna or unsophisticated. Continue reading

Giant Firms Atop Market Is Nothing New

A top-heavy stock market with the largest 10 stocks accounting for over 20% of market capitalization and a marquee technology firm perched at No. 1? This sounds like a description of the current US stock market, dominated by Apple and the other FAANG stocks, but it is actually a reference to 1967, when IBM represented a larger portion of the market than Apple at the end of 2019 (5.8% vs. 4.1%). Continue reading

Two Market Visuals I Found Interesting

As the 2020 crazies continue, I just found these two market visuals interesting and wanted to share them with you (courtesy of The Visual Capitalist). They are not entirely “YTD” but close enough. Continue reading

Should You Use Fidelity’s BrokerageLink® Option?

If you are one of the 22 million investors with a retirement plan at Fidelity, you may have access to an option within your plan that could dramatically improve the success of your 401k. Fidelity’s BrokerageLink® option is a self-directed brokerage account within the 401k or 403b plan. In this article, you’ll learn what the BrokerageLink® option is and when it may make sense to take advantage of it. Continue reading

Two Economic Fears Are Now Reasons for Optimism

While there are still many challenges with COVID-19, there are also reasons to be optimistic. From a public health perspective, without diminishing the human and societal toll this pandemic has taken, the current trajectory would have been among the best-case scenarios predicted by experts only three months ago. Continue reading