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Market and Economic Update (March 2021)

This is our monthly Global Market and Economic Update. The market summary features recent performance of global stocks, U.S. sectors, and interest rates. The economic update features relevant economic metrics, rates, actuals and forecasts. Continue reading

Interest Rates Spike

The sudden rise in interest rates has spooked some investors. Fears of runaway inflation, the Fed losing control, and concerns over highly-valued sectors have resulted in renewed market volatility. Continue reading

Week in Perspective 26-Feb-2021

It was an ugly week for the Nasdaq Composite, which dropped 4.9% as long-term interest rates continued to rise sharply and fuel valuation-oriented concerns. The S&P 500 fell 2.5%, the Russell 2000 fell 2.9%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.8%. Continue reading

How Big is Private Equity?

If you are a regular reader of any financial media outlet, then you’ve no doubt seen mentions of private equity (PE) firms. Maybe it’s because a struggling company got taken private, like Toys “R” Us in 2005, or a major investment (or payout) some private equity group scored through venture or growth capital. Continue reading

Energy Price Shocks

Recent frigid weather across the American South resulted in state emergencies, including in Texas where millions were without power and potable water for several days. And while Texas has an independent energy grid, the disruption to oil production and refineries was felt across global energy markets. Continue reading

February 19, 2021 Weekly Market Recap

It was a good week for financial and energy stocks, as growth/inflation expectations increased, but it wasn’t so great for the growth stocks that were previously supported by really low interest rates. The Nasdaq Composite fell 1.6%, the Russell 2000 fell 1.0%, and the S&P 500 fell 0.7%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (+0.1%) ended the week slightly higher. Continue reading

The Most Popular Brand in Every Country

Another visual I found intriguing….The Most Popular Brand in Every Country. Some of these popular brands should come as no surprise, but it’s interesting to see how this plays out in other countries. Continue reading

David Wanja is a CFP®!

Join us in congratulating David Wanja on officially becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner! David completed the education requirements, passed the exam, and recently met the experience mandate allowing him to use the CFP® marks. Continue reading

Move Over FAANG, It’s FANMAG Now

A handful of large “technology” stocks have garnered attention for outsize returns in recent years. Collectively referred to by the FANMAG acronym, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, and Google (now trading as Alphabet) all substantially outperformed the US market in the eight calendar years that they have all been public companies (Facebook went public in May 2012). Continue reading


Over the last 18 months, Congress implemented two significant bills that have impacted retirement savings accounts. The SECURE Act was a bi-partisan effort directed at improving the ability of American citizens to increase retirement savings. The CARES Act was passed in response to the economic turmoil caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Continue reading