February 8, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

Wall Street held on to gains this week. The S&P 500 gained 0.1% despite recurring concerns about a slowdown in global growth and a U.S. China trade deal leading to some profit-taking action. Read More

Investing Fads

Like trendy fashion and bad haircuts, investing fads are nothing new. When selecting strategies for their portfolios, investors are often tempted to seek out the latest and greatest investment opportunities. Read More

February 1, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The S&P 500 overcame a slow start to the week to finish higher by 1.6%, with earnings coming in better than feared and a dovish-minded Federal Reserve easing the market. In the process, the benchmark index also notched its best January since 1987. Read More

Taking Stock: 2018-2019

As we near the end of January, it’s a good time to take stock of the market recovery so far. The S&P 500 is now flat compared to the beginning of 2018, regaining 13% over the past month. Read More

January 25, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The S&P 500 took a breather this holiday-shortened trading week, losing 0.2%, amid pestering concerns over global growth prospects. Despite the week’s minor setback, the benchmark index finished strong, and is still up 6.3% this month and 13.3% from its Dec. 24 low. Read More

4th Quarter 2018 Newsletter

Please find below our 4th Quarter 2018 Newsletter. This issue contains articles on financial planning, investing, and the markets. We hope you find the information helpful. Read More

2018 Annual Market Review

Please see below for our 2018 Annual Market Review. This report features world capital market performance for the past year. We hope you find it helpful. Read More

January 18, 2019 Weekly Market Recap

The S&P 500 gained 2.9% this week, rising on the back of a strong financial sector (+6.1%) and growing optimism surrounding U.S.-China trade talks. The benchmark index has now posted its fourth straight weekly gain and is now up 6.5% in January. Read More

Should We Worry About Corporate Earnings In 2019?

The corporate earnings season kicks off this week amid concerns of slowing economic growth. It’s understandable that some investors are worried about how this could affect corporate earnings and their investment returns. What is the earnings outlook for 2019 and how should investors maintain perspective in this market environment? Read More

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