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How Consumer Spending Will Affect the Economic Recovery

In the U.S., consumer spending is the backbone of the economy, constituting over two-thirds of our $20 trillion GDP. This includes spending on all goods and services, large and small. In normal times, many factors affect the level of consumer purchases including consumer confidence, the job market, household net worth, inflation, the stock market and more. Continue reading

Will Small Cap Stocks Pull Through?

With recession concerns intensifying in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many may be wondering whether small cap stocks are poised to struggle. Are small companies more vulnerable now than they have been during other periods of economic distress? And what are the implications for the size premium? That is, the tendency for small cap stocks to outperform over the long-term. Continue reading

May 1, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

Stocks post best monthly gains since 1987, but falter into week’s end. The S&P 500 ended the week with a 0.2% decline, although it had been up as much as 3.9% mid-week in a momentum trade fueled by reopening hopes and COVID-19 therapeutic progress. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.2%) and Nasdaq Composite (-0.3%) posted comparable declines, while the Russell 2000 gained 2.2%. Continue reading

Bulls vs. Bears

Like the seasons, boom and bust cycles are a natural and unavoidable part of both the stock market and the economy. And although the winter months may be unpleasant, they eventually give way to warmer weather. So too do recessions and bear markets eventually stabilize and pave the way for economic expansions and bull markets. Continue reading

Webcast | Perspectives on COVID-19 and the State of the Global Markets

Join us for a discussion on the current global markets and the coronavirus pandemic, featuring Dimensional Fund Advisor’s, Dr. Apollo Lupescu. Apollo gives his perspective on the current economic and market environment, and we had the opportunity to ask a few specific questions as well. Continue reading

April 24, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

The large-cap indices declined for the first time in three weeks, as risk sentiment was kept in check by the intense volatility in the oil futures market and valuation concerns. The losses weren’t that great, though, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing 1.9%, the S&P 500 losing 1.3%, and the Nasdaq Composite losing 0.2%. The Russell 2000, however, gained 0.3%. Continue reading

Reasons to be Positive (and Rational)

Amidst all the negative news (coronavirus pandemic, market downturn, economic collapse, jobless claims, etc.), there are reasons to be positive. April has been a fantastic month for the stock market – historic really. Yes, we are still well off of our previous highs, but at least we’ve made progress. Continue reading

Oil Costs Less Than Zero! What?

A crazy headline for crazy times. U.S. oil futures went negative for the first time Monday, a chaotic demonstration of the dwindling capacity to store all the crude oil that the world’s injured economy would otherwise be using. But, with commodities futures contracts, it’s not that simple. Continue reading

April 17, 2020 Weekly Market Recap

It was a remarkable week of trading in the stock market, which is becoming almost cliche to say. Every week since February 19 has been remarkable, but this one ranks at, or near, the top of remarkable weeks. Continue reading

1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Enclosed is our 1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter with timely articles on the markets, investing, and financial planning. We hope you find it helpful. Continue reading