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The Fed is Still Accommodative

As the economic recovery gathers steam and vaccine distribution accelerates, many investors are concerned about how the Fed may react. If inflation and long-term interest rates continue to rise, will the Fed keep policy rates at zero and allow the economy to overheat? Or will they be forced to raise rates and end the party sooner than expected? What does history tell us about Fed policy and how could it affect investors? Continue reading

Week In Perspective: S&P 500 sets new highs but ends lower [19-Mar-21]

The S&P 500 (-0.8%), Dow Jones Industrial Average (-0.5%), and Russell 2000 (-2.8%) set intraday and closing record highs in the first half of the week, but they eventually ran into selling pressure as long-term interest rates continued to move higher. The Nasdaq Composite declined 0.8%, while the Russell 2000 diverged with a sharp 3% decline. Continue reading

Stimulus Checks Are Arriving

One year into the pandemic, individuals everywhere are still experiencing emotional, physical, and economic implications. In an effort to ease the pandemic’s detrimental effects, the federal government has recently passed a third stimulus package called the American Rescue Plan Act. Continue reading

Week In Perspective: Market snaps back to record highs [12-Mar-21]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average set intraday record highs every day this week, ultimately rising 4.1% and closing at a record high. The Russell 2000 (+7.3%) and S&P 500 (+2.6%) set new highs for the first time in a month while the Nasdaq Composite (+3.1%) dug itself out of correction territory with a 3% gain. Continue reading

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

With investing, focus on the years instead of days or weeks. Sounds simple, but it’s difficult in practice. Investors have grown uneasy over the past few weeks as stock and bond markets have swung in both directions. Continue reading