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Bryan is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a Qualified Kingdom Advisor™. He uses his expertise to develop investment strategies to protect and grow clients’ retirement savings. Bryan is a proponent of Elegant Simplicity, the idea that we can work through complex issues surrounding a financial problem and arrive at a sophisticated but simple solution.   Read Bryan's Profile HereRead More Articles by Bryan

What Are You Retiring To?

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Michael Winters when we both appeared as guests on the Houston Matters radio program. During the program, we talked about both financial and non-financial aspects of transitioning to retirement, topics that are way too expansive to cover in a short radio segment. Continue reading

“Your long term and my long term are different.”

I recently had a conversation with a client in her early 60s who is about to retire. As we talked about keeping a long term perspective despite recent market pressures, she noted that “Your long term and my long term … Continue reading

Fed Hikes Rate by One-Quarter Percent

The anticipation surrounding today’s announcement by the Federal Reserve rivaled that of the release of the latest Star Wars movie. After nearly a decade of a declining or unchanged Fed Funds Rate, the Fed hiked that rate by 0.25%. If … Continue reading

Technology and Optimism

This week, Heath Hightower and I are attending the Schwab IMPACT conference in Boston, providing us with the chance to hear from thought leaders across our industry. Yesterday, I had an opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Rick Rieder, Chief … Continue reading

Budgeting: The Party Pooper of Spending?

Nothing throws a bucket of cold water on a client meeting like a conversation about budgeting. Think about it: topics like investing, planning for retirement, buying a house, and saving for college all carry the bright promise of some future … Continue reading

Elegant Simplicity

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; in my case, it may be closer to two thousand. That’s one of the reasons I find the work of Carl Richards, a.k.a. The Sketch Guy, to be so outstanding. Last … Continue reading

The Policy of the Deductible

I grew up in an insurance home. My dad, Herb, was an insurance agent for 32 years, with a particular passion for helping people with life insurance. My mom, Kathey, was an agent in the late 1990s and was asked … Continue reading

Baron Discovery: A Meeting with the Portfolio Managers

Last week we were given the opportunity to meet with the two portfolio managers of Baron Discovery, a fund which we added to our clients’ portfolios in August 2014. The fund is managed by Randy Gwirtzman and Laird Bieger, both … Continue reading

Can an App Really Help you Beat the Market?

One of the websites which is frequented by many of our clients and is thus on my radar is Yahoo! Finance. I admit that I regularly find myself worried that people may be derailed from their long-term investment strategy by … Continue reading

Hindsight is 20/20

In last week’s blog, Heath pointed out the tendency of people to base investment decisions on irrelevant facts or reference points. In the field of behavioral finance, this is known as anchoring. Heath provided a great example of anchoring: basing … Continue reading