If you’ve ever wondered what was the first passenger flight terminal in Houston, you should definitely visit the 1940 Air Terminal Museum in Houston, Texas. It’s located at 8325 Travelair St, Houston, TX 77061, an original art deco building, which is now a museum. The museum features exhibits from the time when the airport was new, when the city was still a small town. But, how did it get there? Read on to find out. This is an interesting history lesson that’s sure to make your day! Additional info.

The Museum is located inside the original art-deco building at William P. Hobby Airport, where passengers departed and arrived. The museum features exhibits of business aviation and general aviation history, as well as a front-row seat to airport operations. The museum is open to the public, and admission is free, so go ahead and plan ahead! You can learn a lot about the history of the city’s air transportation by visiting the museum.

The museum is also an interesting place for history buffs. There are many planes and vehicles on display, including the famous Top Gun. Those who are fans of the movie can visit the museum to learn more about the aircraft that made them famous. There are several interesting places to visit while in Houston, so you’ll be able to see plenty of interesting things and enjoy your time in the city. Just make sure to spend a day exploring the Museum District.
The museum is located in the North Wing of the old airport. It opened to the public in February 2004, housing the museum’s exhibits and gift shop. Its restoration has been a long process, and in 2008, asbestos abatement and an atrium reconstruction were completed. It’s expected that the museum will occupy the entire first floor once funding is available. And with the National Register listing, the museum will benefit from tax exemptions and other funding sources.

The history of aviation in Houston begins in the early 1930s, when the city became a major center for air commerce. It was built by noted architect Joseph Finger, who also designed the city’s City Hall. The terminal served as the city’s main commercial airport until 1954. The museum offers a wealth of information about the airport’s history and its people and the airplanes that have made Houston a major metropolis.

The museum’s aviation history includes both vintage and modern aircraft. The main commercial air terminal was closed in 1954, and its artwork is a fascinating example of art deco design. There’s even an air show every day. The museum is open to the public, and admission is free for children under two years old. You can even purchase a ticket for your loved one and visit the museum. But if you’re a big aviation buff, it’s worth checking out the museum. More.

For more information about Houston’s aviation history, head over to the 1940 Air Terminal Museum in Houston, TX. The staff there are helpful and seem to love what they do. The museum is a hidden gem in the city. The museum’s mission is to educate the public about the effects of aviation on the development of Houston. The Museum also hosts monthly events that educate visitors about African culture and its rich history in the city.


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