May 19, 2017 Weekly Market Recap

After opening the week with a record-high close, equities took a hit midweek after an article in the New York Times highlighted a potential obstruction of justice move by President Trump. Read More

Sell in May and Go Away!

Many investors have heard this saying before; the idea is to sell out of the market on May 1st and get back in on October 1st to avoid the summer months of lower returns. Read More

Uncertainty and Investing

I am certainly guilty of making the statement, “the market hates uncertainty.” It’s a pretty common saying in the investing lexicon. But how logical is it? Read More

May 5, 2017 Weekly Market Recap

The S&P 500 opened the week with back-to-back wins. Monday’s marginal victory was fueled by the top-weighted technology and financials sectors while Tuesday’s uptick took place despite the lack of sector leadership and crude oil’s 2.5% decline. Read More

April 28, 2017 Weekly Market Recap

The French citizens narrowed their presidential race to two candidates last Sunday -Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen – with the results fueling a buying frenzy around the world on Monday. Read More

When Should You Invest?

The decision of “when” to invest in the market can be overwhelming. After all, it’s hard to invest in the market when it’s going down, and it’s equally as hard to invest in the market when it’s at an all-time high, like it is today. Read More

Q1 2017 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter features articles from Mike Booker CFP®, ChFC®, CFS®, Bryan Zschiesche CFP®, MS, MBA, Heath Hightower CFP®, Will Goodson CFP®, and Mike Minter CFP®, CFS®. Read More

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